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The story of SoE Clan

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Maverick who decided to make a Clan. Maverick was member of KahunaLand (KL Clan) for about 4 years and due to some problems he left it, deciding to make a new Clan with some friends who he had meet on the internet.

Falcon_Of_Desert, WaR_0r_p3aC3, GoodFellas and Carhatt were the first who joined Maverick in the ‘project’ of making a new home. At the time, GoodFellas and Carhatt were not actives, but had already announced about joining Maverick. All of them are ex-KLs, besides WaR_0r_p3aC3 and Falcon_Of_Desert who was never officially a KL member, but playing like one with the name of his twin brother {KL}Lion_Of_Desert.

The Clan was created somewhere near September of 2007, having the first name of FsJ, which means ‘Friends Should Join’. At start, the Clan was made with a simple purpose: join only friends to have fun; and that’s what we did. Little time later, Maverick and Falcon_Of_Desert joined at X Fire (Chat Program) to discuss a new name for the Clan, since the old one wasn’t that… great. After a while, both decided that the Clan should be renamed to SoE – Sons Of Earth.

The new name would represent a new Era for the young Clan. The new name didn’t have an obvious meaning, but would symbolize the past, the present and the future of the Clan. ‘Sons’, like we all know, means children, kids. The word ‘Earth’ is more obvious than the previous one, since we live on it… Anyway, ‘Sons Of Earth’ not only means, that we are the children of earth, but we all were born in the same place and we will forever protect what made who we are today. The meaning of SoE doesn’t stand for the Clan itself, but all who believe in life and all who care about this friendly Clan.

After deciding the name, we, SoE, tried to get a Server, like any other Clan. Fortunately, KL Clan borrowed us one for a month; that helped the Clan grow bigger. Falcon_Of_Desert also helped a lot SoE by paying several Servers for his Clan.

SoE Clan always had firm rules and a solid system. Going back to the beginning, again, the system of the Clan was very simple with Maverick, GoodFellas, Falcon_Of_Desert at Higher Councils (HC); these members had more power than any other Clan member. Any Higher Council could bring a new members to the Clan without even asking opinions from others who are not HC, rule that still works in our days.

As the Clan was growing, SoE needed more people who could command the Clan; {SoE}Hostage was the first Higher Council, after those who initially made SoE. He is (and always was) one of the most respected members of the Clan, with his great character and leadership.

This story represents, perhaps, the first two months of SoE. I suppose the rest you can imagine. SoE is a very friendly Clan with very good players. We are here to have fun and to enjoy being with other people, playing, chatting, laughing.

Sons Of Earth
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